Manufacture and export of wooden stairs

Wooden stairs

The company “MB Vaido laiptai” is engaged in the production of stairs, the production of stairs treads, the production of stairs railing, the design of stairs, and the installation of stairs.


Manufacture and export of wooden stairs

Production of stairs and export to all countries
We make stairs treads from oak and ash wood. Stairs railing can be made of hardwood, metal, and glass. Stairs frame construction is metal.

Wooden stairs with a central metal beam
For stairs with a central stairs beam, one stairs beam is used, to which the stairs treads are attached.
Depending on the individual project and the customer’s needs, this stairs construction can be narrow (minimum is 100 mm) or wide (standard is 220 mm). The lower part of the stairs can be stepped (“crocodile”) or flat.

Wooden stairs with a double metal beam
Stairs treads are mounted on a double frame. Lower profile metal structures are used for this stairs construction, making the stairs visually lighter. The metal structure is painted according to the RAL color chart.

Production of stairs and other stairs construction parts is performed in Kaunas, Lithuania. Export to all countries.

The design of stairs and the installation of stairs

 ►  Stairs are measured, designed and installed by our representatives in your country.

Do business with us

We are looking for partners in the field of installation of stairs. If you work for a construction company that builds a house, you can offer the measurement and installation of stairs to your company. There are no restrictions or special requirements for your professionalism, specialty, and education. Anyone who wants to have their own business can become a partner.
TRAINING – We will train you to measure stairs, design and install them, and work with all materials. We will reveal other secrets in the design and installation of stairs. Until you learn to measure, design and install stairs, in all stages of the process, until you gain experience, you will be assisted by a specialist of our company.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to book stairs or become our representatives in your state?

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